Meet the Leaders: Part 1

The three volunteer leaders of the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill bring different strengths to propel the bill forward, making the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates one of the most active anti-workplace bullying bill groups in the nation:

David YamadaDavid Yamada is an internationally recognized authority on workplace bullying. A Suffolk Law professor, he has written leading articles on the topic and drafted the Healthy Workplace Bill, the model anti-bullying legislation introduced in over a dozen state legislatures. He is an affiliated scholar with the Workplace Bullying Institute and covered in such leading periodicals as The New York Times. He is founding Director of the New Workplace Institute and blogs about workplace issues in Minding the Workplace.

Greg SorozanGreg Sorozan oversees the legislative efforts for the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill. He works directly with lobbyists at the State House to understand the status of the bill and effective strategy in getting the bill passed. Greg heads up SEIU/NAGE Local 282, the National Association of Government Employees comprised of public workers — police officers, firefighters, correctional officers, health care workers, office workers, professional workers, and more.

Deb FalzoiDeb Falzoi manages the communications side of the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill. Deb created a strategic communications plan that targets industries with the highest incidences of workplace bullying: the education, health care, and nonprofit sectors. She developed the group’s website, Facebook group and Facebook page, and Twitter group and develops awareness through video creation and other outreach tactics.

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