What 2,737 means

2,737 is the number of contacts we’ve worked to build in the past two years — people both directly and indirectly affected by workplace abuse. It’s the ripple in the pond effect that happens when you’ve told one person about the bill, and he or she goes out and tells a few more people about the bill, and then those people tell more people about the bill. It’s also the number of people we’ll contact when we need a push to our legislators in the next two months.

The graph above shows how this ripple effect looks in website visits. Our daily visits have steadily increased over the past two years because you’ve helped spread the word.

The graph below shows where people in Massachusetts live who visited MAHealthyWorkplace.com. The larger circles represent a few hundred people. The Boston circle represents more than 1,000 people.

Thank you for helping us reach these big numbers, and never underestimate the ripple effect that telling one person about the bill can have.

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