LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Contact Your Representative ASAP

We’re up against corporate opposition to the Healthy Workplace Bill, and with less than two months left in the legislative session, we need your help by contacting your representative.

We’re focusing on representatives only since the Healthy Workplace Bill is in the House. Please meet with, call, or e-mail your representative BY THE END OF THIS WEEK, FRIDAY, JUNE 15:

If you’ve been a workplace abuse target:
– Tell your story again (even if you’ve written to your representative already). You can use this template if you need guidance:
– Send along our “Myths vs. Realities” fact sheet that refutes points made by corporate executives:

If you have NOT been a workplace abuse target:
– Download the letter here:
– Send along our “Myths vs. Realities” fact sheet that refutes points made by corporate executives:

Find your representative here:

Thank you for your help. Pass along this post to family, friends, and co-workers.

One comment

  1. Laurie

    My story is that of a Jeckyll & Hyde business owner who at interviews AND ONLY AT INTERVIEWS smiles and feigns charm. Within days of my hire as the company accountant his mistreatment of me began. Consisting of yelling, slamming of doors in my face, hanging up on every phone call, not giving me the information I needed to succeed OR giving me wrong information and then accusing me of making mistakes, fabricating countless accusations of errors for which the information was provided by him. After less than 2 weeks he fired the newly-hired HR person and reassigned her duties to me – which is customary in my role at a small business.
    After a period of time, my coworkers divulged to me that I was the 6th person to hold my position in a period of approximately 16 months. It was stated that others were in tears daily and at least one went out on Worker’s Compensation Benefits never to return. My heart sunk since I take my job very seriously and professionally – I have glowing references from previous employers.
    The Owner shifted responsibilities on a daily basis such that none of us knew what tasks we were to be accountable for, creating discord between us – each of us being set up to fail and ending the work day with no feeling of accomplishment or pride.
    In my nine months of employment, I had overwhelming stress and anxiety: I saw approximately 70 employees come and go, most leaving not knowing their rights, not applying for Unemployment Benefits, bullied into believing they were not entitled. Most of which are young kids who have little or no employment experience to know that this is NOT normal or acceptable treatment. I personally witnessed an interview with a black male who had spent time in the military in Iraq where the Owner asked him “When do you sleep?” and “Have you ever had an instance of workplace violence?”. I was discouraged from commenting or participating in the interview whatsoever.
    The Owner refused to communicate directly with me, but chose to do so through fellow employees even while I was less than two feet away and after being told to please not do that. He told a certain coworker that his CPA stated that his books had never been in such good shape.
    The Owner disallowed me from working certain days stating that he could have two others work for what he pays me when I was hired on a 40/hr a week basis.
    The Owner sometimes hid in the building – a true coward -; he assigned a certain employee to stand at the time clock and verbalize “You can’t punch in yet” and “It’s too early to punch in.” This employee was bullied into this while not being punched in himself.
    I came to discover that financial information was not being recorded properly, from cash withdrawals by certain employees who stated TO ME that hey hand it personally to the Owner to hundreds of thousands of dollars portrayed as capital improvements (while supporting documents indicated his personal residence) at one location which turned out to be false. I have been an accountant for 27 years and know how to record such transactions, as well as transactions of company funds being used on behalf of owners. The Owner responded to this by telling me directly under no circumstances was I to post transactions to his Distributions account. I visited the specified location that he said the alleged improvements were being performed at only to affirm I was indeed lied to and asked to misrepresent a material amount of capital improvements.
    I am a professional and cannot allow my professional ethics and integrity or future employability to be compromised in this manner. Being told to misrepresent what I know is a falsehood caused me countless sleepless nights and driving to work became a ride consumed by nausea and stomach pain. I often referred to my workday as “ulcerific”. I missed several days of work due to my anxiety, where in ALL other positions demonstrated perfect attendance and performance.
    After finally fessing up to my physician the cause of my anxiety, it was he who pointed out to me that I “cannot save the world, nor can I change this person”. He wrote a note stating that in his professional opinion my diagnosis of anxiety and depression was directly related to my job. I broke down in his presence when I stated that it’s hard to deal with my inability to help my coworkers, that they, too, feel paralyzed and helpless.

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