Let’s get creative

The Healthy Workplace Bill Advocates are an all-volunteer group. You’ve done an amazing job with using your spare time to get us this far this session. Now let’s hear your ideas on how to get us even further.

It’s time to get creative. We want your ideas of how to build awareness about the Healthy Workplace Bill. Think big. Think about what made you get involved. Think about your connections.

Here’s a list of what we’re looking for, but toss out any ideas about how to raise awareness of workplace bullying and this bill:

1. A visual display. The Clothesline Project raised visibility for domestic abuse. Hundreds of flags on the Boston Common gave a moving tribute to fallen heroes on Memorial Day. Superheroes went to meetings to protest the MBTA fare hikes. What visual display can we have for workplace abuse to build awareness of this issue and this bill?

2. Ads. Think about some of the best advertising you’ve seen. Then think about what this bill means at its core. What simple advertising campaign concepts can we use to spread the word on Facebook?

3. Connections. Know anyone who heads up or is part of a civil rights group who we can partner with? Think of groups of people in already protected classes. Do you also have media connections?

Let us know your thoughts.



  1. D. Dudley

    This was a pretty interesting display from the 99% movement. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mikehayes/depressing-photos-from-we-are-the-99-percent
    Looking at photos of people with their stories, and the words from the Namie’s website, “Work shouldn’t hurt” would be really interesting. I have also heard this issue be discribed as a movement. Perhaps we have to start treating it like a movement, by also comparing it to dramatic movements in past American History.

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