Crunch Time

It’s crunch time: we have 9 days left in this legislative session to get this bill passed. We know that legislators push many bills through in the last days of the session. So what does 9 days mean? We have a few days to get in more calls to our legislators.

We’re concentrating on reps since the vote is in the House. Find your legislator here and call or e-mail him or her on Monday, July 22, or Tuesday, July 23:



  1. PTSDshock

    As we see with the violence that just occurred at the premier of the Batman movie, incivility, abuse, harassment and all out craziness is so rampant within our world today. This I feel is all connected to the loss of personal boundary rights, privacy, and dignity within our society. Harassment and pervasive demeaning conduct is so out of control that many within the world, and especially those who have been victimized both minor and adult, feel that there is simply no recourse or control any more. When a sadistic person takes up an interest in harassing you, you face an uphill battle to protect yourself and hold the harasser/’s accountable. This harassment is found within the school, on the street, on the internet and most definitely and importantly….within the workplace.
    We need this law so desperately because employers will do NOTHING. They are so complacent and complicit in many situations and bystanders are nearly shell shocked and will not speak up. We are allowing our citizens to enter abusive fear laden workplaces daily and refuse to do anything about it. The decay of morality is causing even our children to either become sadistic and void of civility and humanity…or they are becoming victims of those children who have evolved into such disgusting beings.
    At work, parents are facing contending with sadistic and vile beings bent on humiliating and causing a person to feel powerless. This is nothing having to do with lacking work drive or intellect. Very often the targets are most capable, decent, non political, compassionate and likeable persons. Many are thriving within the work and with their families as well….that is until the bully sees them and vows to destroy them by whatever means necessary. The threat that the bully feels is only calmed by diminishing the target. It erodes the target and seeps over into their households and ruins a good family that would have been a positive addition to society.
    By not passing this law, our society and citizens are failed by those in a position to shore up, preserve and prioritize morality, civility and simple necessary boundaries that make our world a civilized and safe one to function and contribute within.

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