What I learned from last week’s hearing

1. We’re quickly gaining momentum. Last session, two years ago, few testified at the hearing. We had 13 sponsors then. This session, more than 12 testified. More mentioned support for the bill. We have 39 sponsors now. Major news outlets continue to pick up our story.

2. Our arguments are reasonable and solid. Our information comes from experts who have studied workplace abuse. Our stories are real. We know that accountability is the solution based on our knowledge of workplace abuse.

3. Our legislators are thorough and compassionate. Our legislators want to understand the issue as much as possible and from all sides. They want to hear our stories. They want to do the right thing.

What were your takeaways from last week’s hearing?


  1. Susan Burnside

    I wasn’t able to attend but I did send an email to the email list you attached and gave them my story and the reasons this bill is needed. Thanks for all your efforts.

    • Juana Gayle-Flores

      Deb. I was unable to attend. However. I was praying for a victorious outcome. I remembered when I testy. It’s not easy, Thanks for all your efforts. Job well done!

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