Why we should have more hope now than ever

I’ve read story after story of people losing hope: hope for their workplaces, hope for our culture, hope for themselves. While many of our current and past work situations give us reason to lose hope, here’s a list of reasons why we should have more hope now than ever:

1. Our number of advocates is growing — rapidly. We went from 30 advocates to more than 3,000 in the past four years. We went from 1 organizational supporter to 2 to 18. We’re able to contact these advocates and supporters via e-mail during key times of the process through four different means of capturing their contact information.

2. Our support inside the State House is growing. In that same amount of time, we went from 1 legislative sponsor to 13 to 39. We saw a tremendous increase in support at the hearing in June compared to the previous session’s hearing. We could feel support from the committee members at the hearing. We’ve already made it to the House Third Reading — in our first full session at the State House. We’re ahead of the curve compared to most other bills.

3. The media increasingly acknowledges workplace abuse. We’re monitoring articles about workplace abuse, and we’re seeing an increase in the number of articles about it: in local papers and major publications. The Boston Globe and WBUR have already covered the topic twice each in 2013 alone. Every time we get covered, we see a major increase in traffic to our website.

4. We have opposition. The fact that we have opposition to the bill is a good thing. It means that we’re gaining attention. And we’re able to easily refute the points that the opposition makes.

5. Our help from advocates is incredible. Since we can never get loud enough, spreading the word about this bill and encouraging people to contact their state legislators is the single most important thing we can do. Advocates have:

  • Shared our Facebook posts on their own walls and liked our posts, allowing their friends to learn about the Healthy Workplace Bill.
  • Written letters to the editor of their local papers in support of the bill.
  • Handed out flyers at T stops, commuter rail lots, and churches (three advocates request additional flyers on an ongoing basis).
  • Actively pursued organizational sponsors (one advocate brought on the Massachusetts Teachers Association early on. Another brought on the Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses. Another advocate created mailing lists and mailed more than 100 letters to organizations).
  • Spread the word about the bill to their family and friends. (Several advocates tell us on an ongoing basis about the positive response they get to telling people about the bill.)
  • And most importantly, written to their legislators encouraging them to support the bill. One legislator at the hearing said that she receives a lot of e-mails from her constituents asking her to support House Bill 1766, the Healthy Workplace Bill.

We have a ton of growing support. And luckily for our bill, those same workers who get targeted because they have strong work ethics, competence, morals, and passion bring those same qualities to spreading the word about the bill.

We won’t stop until we get this bill passed.

What signs do you see that this issue is gaining traction?


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