Meet your Action Team Managers and get involved

We had a great meeting this morning with a group of Action Team Managers from across the Commonwealth full of excellent ideas. If you’d like to help spread the word about the bill in your county, find out how to get involved by emailing your county’s Action Team Manager:

Barnstable County
Gail Almeida,

Bristol County
Terry Reymolds,

Essex County
Colleen Walsh,

Hampden County
Marcia Eagleson,

Hampshire County
Michael Regish,

Middlesex County
Jay Campbell,

Norfolk County
Amy Clark,

Plymouth County
To be announced

Worcester County
Dora Locke,
Action Team Managers still needed for these counties: Berkshire, Dukes, Franklin, Nantucket.
Email to apply to become an Action Team Manager in your county.

Remember that we have less than 7 months to get this bill passed this session, then we have to start back at square one in the next session next January if we don’t pass it. We still have several steps to get this bill passed (readings in the House and Senate), and we’re only on step 1.

Help make this bill a priority for our legislators by getting involved in spreading the word. You can make a difference.



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