We’re in the House

7K0A0841We’re at an exciting step, the Third Reading in the House. But it could take days, weeks, or months to get to the top of the House Calendar. We’re keeping an eye on the calendar so we know when we get closer to being center stage. Once we see HB 1771 inch up the agenda and get close to that point, we’ll ask you to give a big push to your State Rep.

We hope to update you soon when we see HB 1771 on the calendar. In the meantime, get your letters ready to email or make an appointment with your State Rep.



  1. darlenedeangelisgmailcom

    I was in a hostile bullying workplace that made me very sick and almost took me out I want serious repurcussions to these people who get away with this 1 warning then fired!!!!!!!!

  2. Gail

    I am so very happy and thrilled that the bill is at the third reading level. Let’s pray that it inches up much faster than we might expect it to.

    I, too, worked in a very hostile work environment. I stay way too long hoping that the toxicity would change, but it didn’t.

    For me it was my immediate supervisor who made my life unbearable whenever she could for almost ten years. I ended up with cancer. Thank God I have been cancer free now for fourteen months. I pray that it stays that way.

    We will overcome and be victorious on behalf of all of those poor souls who are still being afflicted.

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