We’re on the House Calendar

7K0A0032We’re now on the House Calendar at #79. Week by week, we’ll inch closer to the top, when H. 1771, the Healthy Workplace Bill, will be center stage. Once H. 1771 gets closer to the top of the list, we’ll ask you to give a big push to your State Rep.

Get your letters ready to email or make an appointment with your State Rep today!

And thank you for getting the Healthy Workplace Bill to this point, the furthest along we’ve been in the history of the bill. That’s something to celebrate.


  1. darlenedeangelisgmailcom

    I am a victim of bullying, hostility and sexual harassment that almost costed my life and I have a letter to prove it from a doctor.
    I want to speak to all the politicians of my experience so let me know what is going on for 2015, 2016 this needs to stop and their needs to be serious consequences in place 0 toleration 1 warning your fired!!! I would love to do a job that I could travel and clean up hostility, bullying and sexual harassment.

    So I am available to be hired as well
    Thank you

  2. justicepending

    This is great news. I, too, am a workplace bullying survivor although my health has suffered grievously. The accumulated stress resulted in my contracting rheumatoid arthritis-a disease that doesn’t run in my family-as well as lung cancer due to a gene mutation that didn’t surface for six decades. I am a non-smoker to boot. However, at the tail end of the abuse my health was beginning to wane due to the almost ten years of assaults on my character.

    This law has to pass. The sooner the better as more people will be spared the unwarranted abuse. It is our time.

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