You’re creating a buzz in the State House


There’s a buzz in the State House. We just got word that your contact with your State reps is making a difference. State reps are talking up the need to pass the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771 – thanks to your efforts.

We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to reach out to your State reps asking them to pass H 1771.

Keep on pushing
If you’ve already contacted your State rep, we ask you to politely check in with them on the bill and ask them again to vote favorably. This check-in will serve as a reminder that we’d like their support.

If you haven’t contacted your State rep, it’s not too late. Simply follow our instructions on contacting your State rep. Even better: draft your own letter with your own points that resonate with you.

Our deadline: while we don’t know when the Healthy Workplace Bill will come to the House floor, we highly recommend contacting your State rep by next Wednesday, November 4.

We thank you again for helping to get the bill to this point. We couldn’t have gotten there without each of your efforts: every flyer handed out, every email forwarded, every Facebook posting shared, every legislator contacted. We’ll have a lot of celebrating to do when this bill gets passed.

One comment

  1. Bonnie Curran

    I am beginning to think our State House Leaders do not want this bill to pass just based on the headlines in the Globe about the patronage hires, how do these people get the job openings, is it by forcing people out. What happens to the people that dare to speak up or testify are they bullied, harassed. Makes me wonder.

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