Why you should feel entitled

7K0A9975Entitlement has a negative connotation. When we think of someone believing they’re inherently deserving of privileges, we get disgusted. We might think of social issues or a bad boss.

But there’s a flip side. You may have experienced workplace bullying or know someone who has. You have firsthand experience, which made you investigate workplace bullying. Your findings helped you connect ideas, gain insights, and develop an expertise in this area that might not be new but is new enough to our vocabularies.

This knowledge and insight give you special rights to advocate for healthy workplaces. You have tools to spread the word about workplace bullying that others don’t have. You’ve earned the right to speak up about workplace abuse just as much as any other advocate in this all-volunteer group.

You’ve earned the right to talk to a group about endorsing the bill, to tell friends about what workplace bullying is, to share your experience with others, to organize a group of advocates, to plan an event, to create a tool for spreading the word. It’s not just our right. It’s yours, too.

Tools you can use
To help you, we’ve created a toolkit for advocates (under Manager’s Toolkit). The toolkit contains videos and fact sheets to share with potential advocates.

Have an idea? Run with it. FeelĀ entitled to do so.

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