Why great employees leave


What do employees want? Their answer might be the secret to keeping the best ones around, says CNNMoney’s Anne Fisher in Mary David’s post “Here’s Why Good Employees Quit.” 

David whittles the list of why employees quit — from work/life balance and conflict to micro-management and lack of communication — down to four top reasons why the best go packing and jeopardize company sustainability:

1. Poor reward system. It starts with a decent paycheck, but extends into recognition: additional vacation time, extra responsibility, a promotion, a pay raise, or a bonus. When employers find out what each employee values, they can help improve rewards on an individual basis.

2. Management. Employees need recognition and rewards from upper management — not just middle management — to stay happy and loyal. Good managers on both levels need skills at managing processes and motivating people.

3. Hiring/Promotions. When good workers work harder than people who get promoted sooner than they do, they’ll leave. “Hiring and promoting for favoritism is a major way to alienate good workers,” says David.

4. Too much work! Great workers generally get more work piled onto their plates. But when it becomes too much to handle, great workers can burn out. “Being an excellent worker can be a blessing and a curse,” says David. “It’s great for a boss to recognize employees are good, but the reward for that shouldn’t always be to pour on the workload.”

So what determines if a great employee will stick around? Just ask her. “Ultimately the culture of an organization determines the scope of employee retention…. If you see someone doing great work, recognize it and reward it but don’t forget to find out how you can empower them to continuously deliver,” adds David.



  1. darlenedeangelisgmailcom

    This hostility and bullying and sexual violation needs to stop now. I left this last job after almost 8 years because nothing was done even though I was the only one who would constantly complain. Again 1 warning and the next is out the door you go and without pay their pay goes to the victims they tormented then be sued and have everything taken from them in their lives as they have done for us and try to make us sick and try to kill us because of health issues they have caused.

    I guarantee if this was put into a law it will all stop and these people would never ever be able to do this again to the innocent. The law should be into place now no more waiting and making excuses!!! They need to be held accountable for their actions with serious consequences!!!!

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • The New Tailor

      Most office environments are toxic and filled with managers who don’t or won’t manage depending on the issues.

      Many good employees are sacrificed for the connected scumbags who get away due to blackmailing supervisors or some other hold over the entire pathetic management teams.

      I have lost respect for many of these institutions who take federal grant money while treated local employees who live in close proximity to neighboring communities while preaching what good neighbors they are in supporting local employees.

      It’s so rigged against the unsuspecting unconnected employees that most media outlets will never go deep enough into these cesspools.

      Most stories are so traumatic towards the unsuspecting victims, few will believe them. This makes employers and their lawyers very pleased.

      No Lawsuits to worry about.

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