When the Healthy Workplace Bill will go up for a vote

7K0A0879Many of you have asked us when exactly the Healthy Workplace Bill goes up for a vote. The short answer is: any day now. We’re #79 on the House Calendar, and each week, the number simply moves up the list.

We’re hoping for a majority vote on the House so the bill will move onto the Senate. At that point, the Healthy Workplace Bill will pass a major hurdle and reach a historic point. But we can’t get the bill there without your help.

What we need you to do
If you haven’t yet contacted your State Rep, it’s not too late. Follow these steps as soon as possible to ensure your State Rep understands the bill by the time he or she votes on it:

  1. Choose from one of two template letters to email to your rep and modify it or write your own letter asking your rep to support the Healthy Workplace Bill, H. 1771.
  2. Use this link to find your State Rep’s email address.

Get others to do the same
Share this post on Facebook or Twitter or forward a link to your family, friends, former coworkers, and current colleagues so we can get this bill passed.

Thank you again to those who’ve already sent an email to your State Rep. Even one email is considered the equivalent of the voices of as many as 15 constituents, so know that your voice counts.


One comment

  1. Bonnie Curran

    Our state house may be guilty of bullying as well, legislators have had offices moved to the basement, removed or not appointed to the sought after committees which results in less pay. For what, doing their job and standing up for constituents or possibly or voting on legislation they promised during their campaigns. This bill will never passed until we make it not okay to bully legislators for voting for this bill those in leadership do not want.

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