We’re rewriting the rules

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Inspired by Professor and anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill Author David Yamada’s blog post “Tribes for brewing ideas and engaging in positive change,” I read Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us (2008) over the holiday weekend. And I continued to feel inspired by author Seth Godin’s words.

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Key takeaways:

Organizations that kill the status quo win. Destroying the status quo makes people notice, and we have the chance to rewrite the rules before someone else does, without fear. “The riskiest thing you can do is play it safe,” says Godin.

You engage when you want something to improve. You have passion. You realize that you’re leading in this cause because of what you can do for the tribe, not because of what the tribe can do for you. “It’s the microleaders in the trenches and their enthusiastic followers who make the difference,” asserts Godin. “Few people are willing to go through the discomfort required to lead. This scarcity makes leadership valuable. In other words, if everyone could do it, they would.”

Ignore the non-engagers. All we need for a tribe is followers. Everyone else can ignore us or disagree or move on. Growth happens when “you work hard to appeal to folks who aren’t most people,” Godin says.

We’re part of something bigger. Increasing awareness about workplace bullying with the goal of passing the Healthy Workplace Bill means that we’re part of something bigger and more meaningful than our individual lives.


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