How your employer can better motivate you


The name of the game in business is to make money. Increased productivity helps business owners make money. So how do employers make you happy and productive so they can increase the bottom line? Learn these five ways from Margaret Jacoby’s Huffington Post article “Top 5 Ways To Motivate Your Employees (It’s Easier Than You Think).”

1. Communicate
If your employer is just a name, you won’t feel connected to the organization. But if she communicates frequently and shows appreciation face-to-face, you’ll feel more valued.

2. Serve as an example
If she doesn’t lead by example by working hard and behaving professionally, she can’t expect you to do the same. But if she shows excitement for the company’s goals, you’re more likely to do the same. “Good moods are always infectious — especially in the workplace,” says Jacoby.

3. Empower you
If your employer gives you authority to make more decisions and a say in how you do your job and how you can improve your performance, you’ll work harder. But she can’t just ask you. She has to implement at least some if not all of your advice.

4. Give you goals
You need goals — a place to advance to — so you have something to work for. You need training for more skills and grooming for better opportunities.

5. Give you incentives
Incentives like extra paid time off, cash, and gift card help you feel appreciated.

If your employer doesn’t treat you well, don’t settle. Find a new employer. But if your employer does treat you well, you’ll stay, work hard, feel part of something bigger, and help make everyone more money.

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