How Rhode Island is going up against workplace bullying

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A determined and persistent Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill advocate, Rhode Island Healthy Workplace Bill co-coordinator Jessica Stensrud has made a strong start with introducing the Healthy Workplace Bill in Rhode Island. She’s made important connections with key organizations and met with Rhode Island legislators to introduce the bill in the State House.

Rhode Island needs a legislative sponsor
Here in Massachusetts, we’re heading into the second year of a two-year legislative session. But in Rhode Island, January marks the beginning of their legislative session. Jessica’s proactively calling legislators to get one to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill in Rhode Island, but she needs your help.

Legislators respond to their own constituents. So if you live in Rhode Island, here’s how you can help her:

  1. Find your legislators.
  2. Email them by January 1 to ask if they will introduce the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill in the Rhode Island legislature. Send them a link to the language of the bill in Massachusetts:
  3. If he or she says yes, comment below so Jessica can followup.

If you work in Rhode Island but live in Massachusetts, you can let your co-workers who live in Rhode Island know about the bill and ask them to contact their legislators.

How Rhode Island’s work helps Massachusetts (and vice versa)
While passage of the Healthy Workplace Bill in any state will help all states progress with the bill, Massachusetts and Rhode Island working together helps both states progress with the bill. Since many Rhode Islanders work in Massachusetts, and many Massachusetts residents work in Rhode Island, spreading the word in either state allows residents of both states to urge their legislators to pass the bill.

If you live in either state, visit the Rhode Island Healthy Workplace Bill website to find out how you can help pass the bill.

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