How workplace bullying kills productivity


Workplace bullying – in the form of verbal abuse, threatening, humiliating, or intimidating conduct, or sabotage – can impact how work for the worse:

1. Higher direct costs: recruitment, training, legal fees, settlements, and temporary staff. Companies incur expenses with new employees, legal battles, and temps to fill positions.

2. Higher indirect costs: lower productivity due to stress and high absenteeism.

3. Wasted time. Bullies waste up to half of their days defending themselves. Targets might take sick leave due to demotivation and stress.

4. Corruption. Workplace bullies leave a trail of fear, anger, and anxiety with no accountability for themselves or their companies.

5. Health problems. In addition to damaging personal lives and job performances, workplace bullies can leave their targets depressed, exhausted, insecure, restless, preoccupied, and stressed. Stress indicators are as mild as headaches, crying, rapid breathing or heartbeat, and high blood pressure and as severe as heart attacks, panic attacks, sleep disruption, concentration or memory loss, mood swings, and eating disorders.

6. Stifled growth. Workplace bullying means less motivation and creativity. In fact, the best employees leave, holding the company back.

Source: 7 effects of workplace bullying on productivity

One comment

  1. Sam

    \Workplace bullying can have a high impact on job productivity.Employers must identify these problems and resolve these issues at the initial stages before it gets worse.

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