Contact your Massachusetts State Reps before this Wednesday, January 6 to make workplace bullying illegal

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.43.41 AM

The anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill could be up for a floor vote as soon as this Wednesday, January 6, according to the House Calendar under the Deadlines tab. (We have only until July 2016 to get this bill passed.)

After the holiday break, we want to remind our State Reps that we’d like them to vote favorably on the Healthy Workplace Bill.

  1. Choose from one of two template letters to email to your rep and modify it or write your own letter asking your rep to support the Healthy Workplace Bill, H. 1771.
  2. Use this link to find your State Rep’s email address (listed as the “House” legislator).

This step is the major hurdle in the legislative process, and your contact to your State Rep makes a big difference. Find out more about the steps for a bill to become law in Massachusetts.

Let’s get this bill passed!

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