We’re educating grassroots political organizations on workplace bullying

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.45.34 PM.png

The Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates educated more than 20 Newton Dems on the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill tonight, asking for official endorsement and their help in building awareness. And they were highly receptive.

Advocate and teacher John Pepi shared his powerful workplace bullying story with the group, whose members asked about details of the bill and where gaps in the law currently exist. Pepi also shared how workplace bullying harms both individuals’ health and businesses’ bottom lines.

Newton is home to Healthy Workplace Bill co-sponsors Reps. Ruth Balser and Kay Khan. Rep. Balser also co-sponsored the bill last session, and Rep. Khan also co-sponsored the bill in the previous two sessions.

If you’d like us to present at your Democratic or Republican Town Committee, contact them to ask if we can present for 10-15 minutes at their next meeting, email us at info@mahealthyworkplace.com about the connection, and we’ll take it from there.

Next up: the Boston Ward 8 Democratic Committee at the end of January



  1. Theresa Klenk

    I’m sharing and trying to get people to help. Would love to see this in other states as well. Is there a specific direction to start for similiar bills in other states?

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