“The Bully Culture” documentary to give voice to workplace bullying targets


Producer Jay Fedigan takes a deeper look into workplace bullying in America with his documentary “The Bully Culture.” Currently working in the pre-production phase, Fedigan says his goal is “to shine a light on this issue to raise awareness, educate, explore opposing views, and give voice to the targets of workplace bullying.” Says Fedigan:

Current polls show that about half of us have been bullied or witnessed bullying in the workplace at some point in our lives. Workplace bullying targets people who have no legal protection or recourse, and research confirms that workplace bullying and the stresses related cause emotional, physical, and economic harm to the targets, their families, and communities.

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  1. Susan Dubilo

    I have witnessed or been bullied often in the field of Nursing, where bullying is pervasive. I have developed and presented workshops on the subject but am now mostly retired. I look forward to this documentary. I would be happy to become more actively involved in the effort to now pass necessary legislation.

    • Gizzmo Aw

      Susan Dubilo..I am Gizzmo Aw on face book..I am also attending the State House today for the display that has been up. Both my son’s are nurse’s..Ive been in health care for over 25 yrs. I switched from nursing to respiratory. It exist there as well. You are so right. Both my son, and I became targets, after I reported his manager.

  2. justice is blind

    All the unions need to join, my union are the biggest bullys they rather much destroy a life. I believe in justice everything anyone do in the dark will come yo light.

  3. Jenn Sadai

    I was a victim of workplace bullying and lost my job as a result. I’ve written a book on my experiences and would be happy to participate in the documentary in anyway I can. My book is Dirty Secrets of the World’s Worst Employee and it’s 100% true!

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