School bullying legislation was a priority two years ago. Is workplace bullying legislation next?


Two years ago, House Speaker DeLeo led the effort to pass anti-bullying legislation in Massachusetts for schools. Back then, he said “I am proud to join my colleagues in strengthening our anti-bullying laws…. It is our duty to ensure students are safe…. I believe this legislation will allow us to better understand and prevent bullying,” according to the Winthrop Transcript.

Now we’re hoping he sees it equally important to ensure healthy workplaces. Speaker DeLeo has a chance to prevent bullying in the workplace by making the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771, into law.

We’re trying to move the bill forward by speaking with contacts in the State House. But we also need your help to encourage Speaker DeLeo to make workplace bullying legislation a priority:

We only have until this summer to pass this bill or we have to start over again next January. So the more people you can get to contact Speaker DeLeo and their State Reps, the sooner we can make workplace bullying illegal in Massachusetts.


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