A new way to bring attention to workplace bullying


To build awareness for workplace bullying, advocate Torii Bottomley imagined and managed the “Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying” art display: 14 faces of workplace bullying targets with their moving stories. (Watch Torii’s story.)

Says Torii on the Inside Out project website:

Work shouldn’t hurt! Research shows bully bosses target the MOST SUCCESSFUL employees out of envy for their skills and ethics. This abuse comes at a proven cost to every state’s economy. We call on the great state of Massachusetts, with a history of “firsts” in progressive legislature, to FACE WORKPLACE BULLYING. By passing the Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill, the abusers, not the state, will be economically responsible for their actions!

Torii is booking locations across Massachusetts for the art display. Email Torii at toriiannbottomley@gmail.com if you know of:

A free location in your area to display 14 large posters (and a contact name and email, if you have it).

A contact at any of these locations recommended on by our advocates:

  • Boston City Hall
  • Boston Public Library
  • A college anywhere in the state
  • MA DOT Outside Advertising Agency
  • State House (Nurses Hall)

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