How businesses lose when they keep a bully on payroll

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Those who’ve been bullied at work say that bullies didn’t just harm their health and personal relationships. Bullies actually harmed their organizations. Here’s how:
  • Employees lose trust in employers who protect bullies. When they lose trust, their morale and productivity go down.
  • Productivity also decreases when great employees focus on fear of more bullying.
  • Employees lose money from absenteeism and turnover, which costs organization big bucks in training.
  • Since great employees leave their organizations when bullied, companies lose employees who would have helped build a better company.

When costs go up for organizations, consumers and taxpayers lose.

Statistics from the Workplace Bullying Institute, 2014.

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  1. familytreegirl

    Reblogged this on bullying in the workplace and commented:
    Yes they lose, good insight and thanks MA for bring this article forward. HR’s should be presenting this evidence to the organizations. Maybe the organizations getting hit in the budget will help them realize they are losing work production by not addressing bullying.

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