We’re building momentum one story at a time

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The anti-workplace bullying movement is about ordinary people who deal with extraordinary abuse. Our stories are what bring about change. So we’re looking to team up with Project Millie, a Canadian organization “comprised of individuals who believe that bullies and boys clubs do not belong in the workplace. As a starting point, we are dedicated to bringing visibility to workplace bullying. Through the sharing of personal stories, we are engaging people in a national conversation about the prevalence and tolerance of workplace bullying.”

A colleague, a parent, a friend. A stranger, a neighbour, a partner. Project Millie brings visibility to the lived experiences of these individuals. While elements of their stories may sound familiar, in the places where these stories unfold, speaking up is discouraged by poor process or by an underlying culture of tolerance. Project Millie unites voices and speaks aloud on behalf of the many who believe they do not have that choice.  It started with one woman—Millie. Since she told her story in 2013 we’ve solicited and collected the personal experiences of individuals affected by workplace bullying.  These stories are often difficult to hear and some have devastating consequences on the person’s well being. Almost exclusively, people share their experiences on the promise of anonymity as concerns for retribution and job loss are at the forefront—whether these concerns are real or perceived, they influence behaviour and affect the lives of so many people around us.

Share your story with Project Millie.

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