Why going to HR generally doesn’t help a workplace bullying target

mobbing in the workplace

Advocates have told us that when they reported their workplace bullying experiences to Human Resources, the workplace bullying generally got worse. Advocates said:

It’s worse after you go to HR because HR is there to protect a company’s legal interests, not the worker. As soon as a you go to HR [about workplace bullying], you can expect things to get worse because you have just given them notice they need to get their ducks in a row and get rid of you so you can’t document anymore. It’s better to quietly go to an employment lawyer who will tell you if you have a case, tell you how to document, and act as your advocate when you have a viable case.

HR gets their pay check from the company. They are not your advocate.

Sometimes it’s HR doing the bullying as well.

Confronting the perpetrator, the perpetrator’s boss, senior management, and Human Resources were most often just as effective as doing nothing, reports the Workplace Bullying Institute in a 2011 survey.

It is important to note that many HR professionals are workplace bullying targets themselves.

What do you do instead? Advocates most commonly reported that leaving the organization was the most effective (and often the only effective) means of stopping the bullying.


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