Massachusetts Democratic Town Committees continue to take interest in anti-workplace bullying legislation

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.08.13 PM

We’re gaining momentum. We presented about what workplace bullying is and how the Healthy Workplace Bill will protect employees this morning to a captive audience of about 30 politically active Democrats from the Ipswich Democratic Town Committee. Two former workplace bullying targets shared their stories privately after the presentation.

This visit was the third in a series of visits to Democratic and Republican Town Committees across the Commonwealth to spread the word about the bill to politically active people. Ask your Democratic and Republican Town Committees if we can present about the Healthy Workplace Bill at their next meetings. If they welcome us on their agenda, email for us to arrange the presentation.

Help pass anti-workplace bullying legislation in Massachusetts before the summer, when the legislative session ends:

We only have until this summer to pass this bill or we have to start over again next January. So the more people you can get to contact their State Reps, the sooner we can make workplace bullying illegal in Massachusetts.

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