Workplace bullying targets reveal abuse in exhibit at the Massachusetts State House


Advocate Torii Bottomley brings her powerful “Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying” display to the State House this week, April 11-15. In this public art project on the State House 4th floor starting tomorrow at noon, Torii exposes workplace bullying through 14 faces of workplace bullying targets with their moving stories.

“Research shows bully bosses target the most successful employees out of envy for their skills and ethics. This abuse comes at a proven cost to every state’s economy,” says Torii.

Watch Torii’s story.

If you view the exhibit, consider calling beforehand to set up an appointment to meet with your representative or their aide to ask him or her to help make the Healthy Workplace Bill, H 1771, a priority. Ask your Rep for help with contacting Chairman of Bills & Third Reading Theodore Speliotis to ask him to release House Bill 1771 for Third Reading.

Going on tour to spread the word about workplace bullying
Torii is booking locations across Massachusetts for the art display. Email Torii at if you know of a contact at any of these locations recommended on by our advocates or another suitable location:

  • Boston City Hall
  • Boston Public Library
  • A college anywhere in the state
  • MA DOT Outside Advertising Agency

If you are available on Friday, April 15 at 3pm to help take down installation, contact Torii at


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