Targets take giant steps yesterday toward passing anti-workplace bullying legislation


Advocate Torii Bottomley (right) speaks with a Healthy Workplace Bill supporter while WGBH reporter Craig LeMoult and documentarian Jay Fedigan capture the conversation.


Many of the 14 brave models in advocate Torii Bottomley’s “Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying” display celebrated its tremendous impact on viewers at the State House yesterday.

Advocates packed the afternoon with steps to move the Healthy Workplace Bill (H 1771) forward:

  • Talks with viewers about workplace bullying and the proposed legislation.
  • Visits to legislators’ offices, including Rep. Speliotis who has the power to move the bill to a floor vote in the House before the end of the session in just a couple months.
  • A moving tribute to an advocate who recently lost her life due to health effects from workplace bullying.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 10.00.37 AM

One of several inspiring comment boards at the display that shows the reach of the display and the impact on viewers.

Several advocates also held a protest outside of the state executive offices at One Ashburton Place, where many passers-by stopped to take photos. Advocates said they felt empowered by reclaiming their voice.


It’s crunch time
This two-year legislative session ends this summer, and state reps are not making the bill a priority. That’s where you come in. We urgently ask you to contact Chairman of Bills & Third Reading Theodore Speliotis (617-722-2410, to ask him to release House Bill 1771 for Third Reading. (The Third Reading is a floor vote and the biggest hurdle of the entire process.)

It’s just as helpful to also contact your own rep to ask him or her to both support the bill and contact Rep. Speliotis.

Keep the momentum going
Help fund laminating, mounting, easels, and story posters for the display. Advocate and participating model Robbin Miller is spearheading a campaign to collect $800 to fund preparations needed to move the display to other high-profile locations (possibilities include Union Station in Worcester and South Station in Boston). Help make the preparations happen by mailing BY JUNE 1 a check payable to Robbin Miller for any amount you wish to:
Robbin Miller
300 West Main Street, Building B
Northborough, MA 0153

Torii is booking locations across Massachusetts for the art display. Email Torii at if you know of a contact at any of these locations recommended on by our advocates or another suitable location:

  • Boston City Hall
  • Boston Public Library
  • A college anywhere in the state
  • MA DOT Outside Advertising Agency

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