Why 80 days is so important to holding workplace bullies accountable


Our voices are getting louder and stronger, and it’s more important now than ever to keep the momentum going with only 80 days left in the two-year legislative session.

Anti-workplace bullying advocates aren’t stopping.

Anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill author David Yamada points to three reasons for building our momentum:

  • We’ve put a label on it. We’re using the same language – “workplace bullying” – to describe the abuse at work.
  • There’s more media coverage. Reporters cover more stories, and targets make more comments, validating others and creating a ripple effect for more targets to feel safe speaking out.
  • The Healthy Workplace Bill campaign has brought attention to workplace bullying. The opportunity for targets to speak with their legislators brings even more focus on workplace bullying and its harm to targets and businesses.

Where we’re going
It’s taken only ten years to go from almost zero discussion of workplace bullying to where we are today. We have a lot to celebrate. But we’re not stopping. With 80 days remaining in the legislative session, we’re focusing on two main courses of action:


While we need your help, remember that you can help in any way you see fit (or in any of the ways we’ve listed on your website). You can choose to not go public with your story or otherwise attach your name to the cause but anonymously post comments on online articles. You might also decide that you’re not ready to help at all, and that’s perfectly ok.

But if you’re ready and able, we need all hands on deck in the next 80 days to pass this bill in Massachusetts. Not a single person trying to pass this bill is getting paid for their efforts, meaning that each and every advocate is working out of their sense of personal responsibility for passing the bill. We’re taking initiative to bring our strengths to a greater cause in this newer, growing public topic. Email us with what skills you can bring to the table.

Let’s make 2016 a year for the history books. We’re in a position to be the first state in the nation to have workplace bullying protections for ALL employees – not just public ones. Let’s make it happen.



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