Six actions you can take before July 31 to help pass anti-workplace bullying legislation in Massachusetts


We know that going public with your support of anti-workplace bullying legislation can put a target on your back. An interviewer could Google you and think of you as a troublemaker or whistle blower. While some actions you take could make finding a new job more challenging, there are actions you can take that won’t force you to go public.

Here’s a list of both public and private actions you can take to help pass anti-workplace bullying legislation in Massachusetts:


Blog. Can you write well? Help us strengthen our social media voice by writing blog posts. Email to become a contributor. We’ll give you ideas if you need them and edit your postings to make sure you’re on message.

Protest. A growing group of advocates protest around the Commonwealth in creative ways: with targets on their backs and shackles on their wrists. The goal: to teach the public about what workplace bullying is and how they can help make it illegal.

Sign up for events in:


Urge Speaker of the House DeLeo and Chairman of the Third Reading Committee Speliotis to make a priority of bringing the Healthy Workplace Bill to a floor vote. Face-to-face meetings work best. But you can also call them or touch base with your own state rep to urge him or her to contact Speaker DeLeo (617-722-2500, and Chairman Speliotis (617-722-2410,

Flyer commuter rail lots, outside T stations, hospital employee lots, and more. Make copies of this flyer, cut them in half, and put them on cars or pass them out. (You can also use this flyer if you don’t have a paper cutter.)

Ask for endorsement. Approach groups to ask them to officially endorse the Healthy Workplace Bill. Forward their endorsement to us at, and we’ll post it on our website to get even more groups on board.

Share on Facebook. Encourage friends to like our page, and share our posts often.


We have about two months left in the two-year legislative session to pass this bill. We need you to help spread the word to more and more potential advocates so we can make workplace bullying illegal in Massachusetts once and for all.


One comment

  1. toriiannbottomley

    I challenge each person reading this to do one action a week. By doing this you secure a better workplace for you and the next generation, you are taking an action which is healing, and you ignite a chain of change.

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