Teaching leaders how to create healthy workplaces

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We’re teaching targets what not to tolerate at work: what bullying behavior looks like, what health problems it causes, and what workplace bullying does to productivity. But what happens when a well-intended manager doesn’t want to bully but just doesn’t know what healthy management looks like?

Meet Elevates.org – a brand new site built that helps answer the question “how do we create healthy workplaces?” It’s the next step in the healthy workplace movement. Says the website:

Empowering great people yields great results

Studies show that a work environment built around respect and dignity contributes best to an organization’s bottom line. We aim to engage in conversations about what it means to lead and work in a healthy workplace and move the needle on creating positive working environments as part of the healthy workplace movement.

We want to elevate employees and businesses. They both deserve to win.

It’s all about empowerment. It’s a philosophy used in branches of therapy and on passing the Healthy Workplace Bill – helping advocates realize they’re the experts of their own lives slowly brings them out of despair and into confidence and happiness. The same approach works with employees: those who believe they’re on a winning team and can contribute to it simply work better because they’re happier and making a difference. Empowerment is a win-win for an organization and employee.

Elevates.org needs contributors: human resource experts, business consultants, and experts on employee empowerment. If you know someone who has the expertise to contribute to the conversation, ask him or her to email hello@elevates.org.

Help bring workplaces to a new level by promoting healthy ones.


  1. KimberlyMP960@aol.com

    Hi Deb…always good to see the great work and information coming out in support of the bill! Not sure if you remember me, but I was videotaped for my story several years ago, but was unable to give permission for it to be aired to due to ongoing litigation. Believe it or not, my bully recently pass away from cancer…and it has been such an array of emotions, that it is too difficult to put into words. But that’s not why I’m writing…I was wondering if anyone has reached to the CEO of DeMoula’s Marketbasket…? As you may recall, almost the entire staff when on strike until he was reinstated. To me, that speaks volumes of how he runs his organization to have that kind of loyalty in today’s world. It would be wonderful to get him board if at all possible. Anyway, just thought I’d throw my 2 cents in…have a great summer. Kim

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