Study reveals that a bad boss can cause poor sleep

Punishment at work

Workplace bullying is associated with awakening problems and lack of restful sleep. These sleep problems do not seem to change with leisure-time physical activity, reveal researchers from the Department of Public Health in Copenhagen.

Poor sleep leads to health problems, which lead to increased absenteeism.

Simply put: a bad boss can cause you to be out of work. Now we have proof.



  1. rainydayword

    Well, the study is in Copenhagen but us realists know that bad working environments can create problems for families and neighbors and communities, that toxic workplaces are like those pandemic viruses we see in horror and sci-fi movies. We also know that healthy workplace bills like the one before the Massachusetts legislature can address this and be THEE POSITIVE STEP to bringing about change. Apologies to those who already know this. The challenge is how to inform the public.

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