Workplace bullying targets reveal what it’s like to see themselves in new exhibit

Currently producing “The Bully Culture,” documentarian Jay Fedigan just released “Face to Face with Workplace Bullying,” a compilation of reactions of workplace bullying targets who appear in the “Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying” photo exhibit. Through the exhibit, advocates hope to raise public awareness of workplace bullying and its effects on individuals.

Now at Worcester’s Union Station
“Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying” first appeared in the Massachusetts State House in April. Advocates now bring the display to Worcester’s Union Station and will run the exhibit through Sunday, July 17.

To display the exhibit at another location, contact Torii Bottomley at


(Photos courtesy of Robbin Miller.)

Make workplace bullying illegal in Massachusetts
We have a little more than one month to pass anti-workplace bullying legislation in Massachusetts. After July 31, when the two-year legislative session ends, we must reintroduce the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill in Massachusetts in January. We need your help to pass this bill this session before time runs out this session.

Send your State rep an email urging him or her to push the bill forward with our easy-to-use tool.


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