Help make history by passing workplace bullying legislation in Massachusetts

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The new two-year legislative session begins January 2017, and anti-workplace bullying advocates are already collaborating about how we’ll continue to build awareness this fall and next session in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Agenda (tentative)

  • How school bullying passed in Massachusetts
  • How we’ll use suicide from workplace bullying stories to put urgency behind the bill
  • What’s working in other states
  • Your ideas that you can execute (for the sake of time, we’ll limit ideas to those that you can lead or help make happen)

Ideas so far to plan

  • Research of suicide stories
  • Art displays
  • Flash mob at high profile location in Boston
  • Live Facebook talks
  • Organizing groups of people to go to the State House
  • Protests
  • Speaking engagements

Bring your ideas of what you’d like to see us doing and how you can make it happen.

Calling in

We can get up to five people on conference call. Call into 774.283.5435 at 6:55pm that night. If you plan on calling in, comment so we’ll know if we need an additional phone.

Those in other states are especially welcome to call in and share what they’re doing that’s working that we can try in Massachusetts.

Building our base

Bring others if you can. We’ll get this bill passed with the power of numbers, so your help in building awareness is greatly appreciated.

Sign up to attend

Join us at 7pm on Thursday, September 15 at the Alumni Restaurant in Franklin, MA.



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