Help create the biggest anti-workplace bullying campaign anyone has ever seen

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.47.39 AM

Make history by helping create the biggest anti-workplace bullying campaign known to man. We’re getting ready for a gigantic push this fall with the end goal of passing historic anti-workplace bullying legislation in Massachusetts next session. Join us for the Workplace Bullying Advocacy Planning Meeting to add your own event to the list. Ideas include:

  • Art displays
  • Flash mob at high profile location in Boston
  • Live Facebook talks
  • Organizing groups of people to go to the State House
  • Protests
  • Research of suicide stories
  • Road races wearing “end workplace bullying” t-shirts
  • Social media campaigns using design, photography, or video

If you can’t make it to the meeting but have an advocacy effort you’d like to plan, email us at (Or just plan it and let us know about it so we can help spread the word.)

Take back the power and help make history.



  1. Valerie A. Bonds

    Work place bullying takes place in businesses, schools and in the trades. The harm is real and long term. Changes in workplace bullying can only occur when one individula aligns with a group of individuals who join a team of activists who say enough is enough and together, make plans to take action supporting recipients of workplace bullying, establish effective non-retalitory reporting procedures, and most important change mindsets of bullies to minimize and hopefully end work place bullies!

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