A letter to Governor Baker about workplace bullying following disturbing allegations in the Energy and Environmental Affairs office


Yesterday the Boston Globe announced a state worker in Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) was “threatened with retaliation after her fiancé, a Democrat, launched a campaign against a sitting GOP state senator.” Republican Governor Charlie Baker said he finds these allegations “unbelievably disturbing.”

I decided to let the Governor know how common allegations like these are, especially among state workers, through this link:

Governor Baker,

I read the Boston Globe story about bullying in the EEA of Cynthia Lewis. I am grateful and impressed that you have decided to publicly address this matter.

Here in Massachusetts, we are trying to make workplace bullying illegal. We have 58 supporters in the State Legislature, but the bill has not yet brought the bill to a floor vote in the House (H 1771).

I am writing to ask you to address this. The need is urgent. Workplace bullying affects 1 in 3 workers in the U.S.. As the one who leads marketing efforts on the bill, I can’t tell you how many workplace bullying stories I hear about from the state executive offices alone. Countless. Competent and ethical employees who want to do great things who find themselves in a downward spiral of poor health and financial ruin at the hands of ego-driven, incompetent bully bosses.

I admire your commitment to reduce waste in government, and I ask you to take a look at this problem more in-depth. It is widespread, and it costs the government millions:

Workplace bullying has led to suicide of workers, even government workers. There are many stories.

People are hurting. People are dying. We need your help.

If you were a state worker in Massachusetts, let the Governor know your story through this link.


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