We’re growing our base to end workplace bullying


At the beginning of the 2015-2016 legislative session, 1,766 people liked the Massachusetts Anti-Workplace Bullying Healthy Workplace Bill Facebook page. That’s 1,766 people since roughly 2010.

Today, 2,660 people like our Facebook page. That’s an increase of 66 percent in the last two years alone. That’s no small feat.


Our website user base is growing at the same rate. Until the last legislation session, we had 20,570 users.


In the last full session, we added more than 10,000 users, most of them new and spending nearly 2:30 minutes on the website each.

Those are metrics to be proud of. You spread the word every time you like or share a Facebook post, tweet, hand out flyers, and tell someone about the bill.

Thanks for all of your work. We’ve come a long way to make “workplace bullying” a household term.


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