The percentage of American employers who don’t think they’re responsible for workplace bullying (the number is appalling)


“It’s not my responsibility to fix it” was the general consensus among workplace bullying targets’ and witnesses’ perceptions of their employers’ attitudes toward workplace bullying according to a 2012 Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) poll.

“Employers abdicate responsibility to act in 88.4 percent of cases,” says WBI. “Telling individuals to ‘work it out between yourselves’ forces target-victims to solve a problem they neither invited nor deserved. Sadly, in 2012, American employers still believe they are not responsible for work conditions that encourage worker-on-worker violence or for fostering toxic work environments that sustain bullies.”

Wait… what? Employers aren’t responsible for their own work conditions? They aren’t responsible for creating their own work cultures and for holding those who can’t abide by that healthy culture accountable? Sounds like a major abuse of power to take the easy way out and do nothing, even if it’s at the expense of their bottom lines.


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