Help end workplace bullying at two Boston events in the next week

Woman yelling into a bullhorn on an urban street

The national political scene is causing quite a stir right now. Citizens across the nation are flexing their political muscles to uphold their values. There are two key Boston events in the next week alone where an anti-workplace bullying presence through sign holding would do wonders for our cause. And you have the power to take simple action:

Elizabeth Warren’s Health Care Rally

Sunday, January 15, 12-3pm
Faneuil Hall, Boston

What better place to talk about healthy workplaces than a health care rally full of legislators in Boston? All you need is you and a poster that says “end workplace bullying” or a similar phrase.
Sign up to join us.

Boston Women’s March

Saturday, January 21, 11am-3pm
Boston Common
Eighty percent of workplace bullying targets are women. Help us sign hold in front of more than 22,000 female political activists to get the word out about workplace bullying. It’s as simple as grabbing a poster and a marker and showing up.
Sign up to join us.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. You can make a difference in passing this bill.


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