How advocates are progressing the anti-workplace bullying movement — and what we’re working on next

Young businesswoman putting adhesive notes on glass wall in office

Last night, we met at the Boston Public Market to talk about strategy to pass the anti-workplace bullying Healthy Workplace Bill and to share what each of us are contributing to build awareness about what workplace bullying is. We talked about how school bullying legislation took years to pass and only became urgent after a school bullying suicide, so we’re investigating workplace bullying suicides. We talked about also researching homicides from workplace bullying.

Here’s what advocates are up to:

  • An advocate has attended rallies and other events like Town Hall events and took photos to share on social media.
  • An advocate wrote, produced, and sang a song about workplace bullying. She’s working on a play and video, too.
  • An advocate will take information about the bill back to his union.
  • An advocate presents about workplace bullying at career centers and adult education centers around Boston and will share his booklet so others can do the same in other parts of the Commonwealth if they’re interested.

As two advocates drive two hours to attend the meeting, we talked about having meetings across the Commonwealth on a monthly basis. So we’re looking for:

  • An advocate in each area (Boston (on the MBTA), North Shore, South Shore/Cape Cod, Southcoast, Central Massachusetts, and Western Massachusetts) to conduct monthly meetings and find a free location for these meetings.
  • Go around the room to ask people what they’ve either been working on or can commit to working on. Support and encourage them. Our experience has been that most ideas in brainstorming sessions don’t get acted upon, so the value in these meetings is helping those who are taking action, offering connections/building on actions, and inspiring those who may be there to listen to take action.
  • Take notes and share actions with us so we can spread the word and make statewide connections.

If you’d like to lead a monthly meeting in one of these six Massachusetts regions, email us at with dates, times, and locations, and we’ll create Facebook events to get the word out.

Thanks in advance for your help in spreading the word.


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