We’ll walk & roll out workplace bullying in the First Anti-Bullying Walk & Roll-A-Thon on June 3

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 6.34.16 PM.png

Boston will walk and roll out bullying on Saturday, June 3. And we’ll show our solidarity against workplace bullying by wearing these black shirts, which you can buy before the event.

It’s Boston’s first Anti-Bullying Walk & Roll-A-Thon, and supporters of ending bullying in all forms will hit the streets to say enough is enough. Funds raised will go toward:

  • 2Fruits Productions Youth Mentoring Program, designed for “at risk” youth to develop skills. Donations will fund laptops, production supplies (cameras, mics, tapes, and lighting), educational textbooks, music and art education programs, physical education sessions, facilitators, and more.
  • XMEN Scholarship Fund, which provides college scholarships to high school seniors every year.
  • BlackberryRadio.com, our sole sponsor and an advocate for women’s rights. Funds will help the station run.

You can volunteer your time and/or money. Total family involvement builds awareness, and we ask each participant to raise $92.85, with a total goal of $13,000. The three children who reach more than their target goal will receive prizes.

Volunteer time or money.

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