You heard the song about workplace bullying. Now watch the video.

With music on VH1, Oxygen, and Bravo, Musician Cheryl “Shellee Shae” Williams produced, wrote, and sang “Standing Ovation” to speak out against workplace bullying. Now she performs in the music video that tells the story of two workplace bullying targets who receive ridicule from bullies for their strong work ethics.

“I pitched stories of actual workplace bullied targets (some I know and others whose stories I’ve only heard), explaining the end goal of passing workplace legislation, to New York-based production team TOM ON THE WALL. Its founders — Chuy Gutierrez, Christian Ritter, J. Ian Sample, and Jorge Chapa — work with artists, directors, and creators on scripts, web series, commercials, videos, and short- and feature-length films. Their team wrote, directed, and conceptualized the theater vibe after hearing the song,” explains Williams. “They get a standing ovation for their tremendous work and for giving their time to help with such an important fight for change.”

“We’ll bring an end to workplace bullying when we focus on the problem,” says Williams.

A big thank you to Williams and TOM ON THE WALL for their inspiring work.

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