Let’s keep the pressure on Senate Ways & Means to make workplace bullying legislation a priority in Massachusetts


The legislative session ends in two months on July 31. We need your help in the next two weeks to keep pressure on Senate Ways & Means to move Senate Bill 1013 to a vote in the Senate. 

We ask you to call these Senators and ask whoever answers the phone if the Senator will make Senate Bill 1013 a priority to make severe cases of workplace bullying illegal in Massachusetts:

Karen Spilka (Chair), 617-722-1640
Joan Lovely (Vice Chair), 617-722-1410
Sonia Chang-Diaz (Assistant Vice Chair), 617-722-1673
Michael J. Barrett, 617-722-1572
William N. Brownsberger, 617-722-1280
Vinny M. deMacedo, 617-722-1330
Sal N. DiDomenico, 617-722-1650
James B. Eldridge, 617-722-1120
Adam G. Hinds, 617-722-1625
Donald F. Humason, Jr., 617-722-1415
Patricia D. Jehlen, 617-722-1578
John F. Keenan, 617-722-1494
Michael O. Moore, 617-722-1485
Kathleen O’Connor Ives, 617-722-1604
Richard J. Ross, 617-722-1555
Michael F. Rush, 617-722-1348
James T. Welch, 617-722-1660

You can also:
  • Post on Facebook and tweet using #ItStartsWithUs #WorkplaceBullying #mapoli to keep the conversation going and to increase awareness of the problem. You can tweet at these Senators using @KarenSpilka @SenJoanLovely @SoniaChangDiaz @BarrettSenate @wbrownsberger @VinnyDeMacedo @SalDiDomenico @JamieEldridgeMA @adamghinds @SenDonHumason @senjehlen @SenJohnFKeenan @SenMikeMoore @KOconnorIves @SenRichardJRoss @SenatorMikeRush @Sen_Jim_Welch
  • Repost our Facebook and Twitter posts.

The more people who ask for change, the more likely we’ll get it. It’s up to each of us to ensure protections for employees who will go through the torment at work we went through and to spread the word by forwarding this email onto colleagues, friends, and family. We need to create a groundswell throughout every part of the Commonwealth to say STOP to bullying at work.

Want to spread the word? Forward this email or download the flyer.

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