Help make workplace bullying illegal in Massachusetts before the legislative session ends

We’re still waiting for Senator Karen Spilka to take action on much-needed workplace anti-bullying legislation. We need everyone’s voices to make sure what happened to Jae happens to NO ONE ELSE.

Longtime Advocate Gail lost her son Jae, a nurse, on June 7 as a result of workplace bullying at a hospital on Cape Cod that included physical threats, assault, and false accusations. Though the abuse happened a few years ago, it followed Jae. Jae worked in fear of being attacked again. “Jason was an incredible nurse. Despite the time that goes by, the emotional damage remains and continues to wreak havoc,” said Gail.

Workplace anti-bullying legislation is the furthest it’s gone in the Massachusetts Legislature, and the two-year legislative session ends July 31. We start over again in January if the bill does not pass. The bill, Senate Bill 1013, is now in Senate Ways & Means and needs to get to a floor vote ASAP.

How you can help (in order of effectiveness)

Option 1: Meet with Senate Ways & Means Chair Karen Spilka by emailing her scheduler Rachel Lefsky at (If Rachel doesn’t get back to you, followup at 617-722-1640.) Ask Rachel if you can setup a meeting with Senator Spilka ASAP and let Senator Spilka know why you want workplace anti-bullying legislation to pass. Bring these fact sheets with you to the meeting:
Fact Sheet #1
Fact Sheet #2

Option 2: Even if you’ve called her before, call Senator Karen Spilka ASAP at 617-722-1640 and ask whoever answers the phone to urge Senator Spilka to move Senate Bill 1013 regarding workplace bullying to a floor vote. Phone calls are disruptive, so the more calls we make, the more she’ll take notice.

Option 3: Call your own legislator and ask whoever answers the phone if your legislator can write a letter to Senator Spilka or speak with her about moving the workplace anti-bullying Senate Bill 1013 to a floor vote ASAP.

Option 4: Call all members of Senate Ways & Means and ask those who answer the phone if the legislator can help move the workplace anti-bullying Senate Bill 1013 to a floor vote ASAP.
If you can do two, three, or all options, even better. 

And please spread the word. For Jae.


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