Help take back the power after workplace bullying

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Legislators not bringing the workplace anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill to a floor vote this session isn’t going to stop us from continuing to build our momentum and fighting for what’s right. Here’s what we already have in the works for next session:

  • We’re looking to bring attention to workplace bullying through the media. We have the attention of the Boston Globe Spotlight desk and other media outlets following a Cape Cod nurse taking his life after workplace bullying on June 7. If you have media connections, reach out to them or pass them along to
  • We’re gathering data. To build media and legislative support, we’re trying to understand how much workplace bullying has already cost the Commonwealth — and how much the Commonwealth can save if they have a workplace bullying law in place.
  • We’re building connections. We’re reaching out to groups who’ve been successful with moving pro-employee state legislation to see how they can help.

Now we’re looking for YOUR help. In September, we’ll hold meetings around the state to see how you can bring your connections and skills to the cause, pushed by volunteers only:

  • Do you have ideas you can execute? Are you an artist, photographer, event planner, speaker, or have an idea you could try out to increase awareness?
  • Do you have connections to reporters or pro-labor organizers?

Join us for one of these meetings. Click on the link for specific location details:

Central MA
Wednesday, September 5, 7pm
Panera Bread, Shrewsbury

Monday, September 17, 7pm
Panera Bread, Brookline

South Shore/Cape Cod
Wednesday, September 19, 7pm
Panera Bread, Plymouth

Western MA
Monday, September 24, 7pm*
Starbucks, Chicopee

North Shore
Tuesday, September 25, 7pm*
Panera Bread, North Andover

Join us to help put make severe cases of workplace bullying illegal once and for all.

*These dates were changed on August 21.

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