State Senator Paul Feeney to continue fighting for workplace bullying targets

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 8.59.25 AMPhoto from

Workplace anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill champion in Massachusetts, State Senator Paul Feeney (D) was re-elected last night.

Representing the Bristol & Norfolk district, Feeney was elected to the State Senate in a special election last session, serving a partial term. Yet he progressed the bill by bringing it up during Senate Budget discussions, marking the first time ever the bill was brought up on the Senate floor.

This session will give Feeney an opportunity to push for workplace bullying legislation for a full term.

Stay tuned for a list of new and returning state legislators who we can talk with about this much-needed legislation in the coming weeks.

One comment

  1. Mary Lou Conca

    Workplace bullying, as subtle as it may be, causes lifetime irreparable damage to the human soul. After ten years, free of victimization, having suffered repeated targeting, I am left with an overwhelming sense of sadness as tears well over in my eyes.

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