Help Rhode Island move workplace abuse legislation forward

Workplace abuse legislation passed the Rhode Island Senate last month. On Wednesday, advocates testified in front of the House Labor Committee in support of House Bill 6087, which would establish a cause of action against employers and employees for workplace bullying, harassment, and other abusive conduct.

Rhode Island is the second state in the nation to pass their state’s Senate, and they need your help in getting the bill through the House so it can become the law of the land.

Email your workplace abuse story
to the House Labor Committee members
Draft your story in one page:
Where did you work and what did you do?
How did the bullying begin? What tactics were used?
How did you feel?
How did it escalate?
How did your employer react (or not react)?
What was the impact on you?
What was the impact on the organization?
Why do you want workplace bullying legislation to pass?
What advice do you have for others going through bullying at work?

Email your story to these legislators and ask them to move House Bill 6087 favorably out of committee:

Spread the word to others, especially friends and family in Rhode Island, to either share their stories or simply write to these legislators in support of the bill.

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