The Healthy Workplace Bill creates a legal claim for bullying targets who can establish that they were subjected to malicious, health-harming behavior. It also provides defenses for employers who act preventively and responsively with regard to bullying and includes provisions to discourage frivolous claims.


  1. Thomas

    I would like to leave a comment about a man who was vindicated in MA. Willie Vega was a teacher in the Springfield School system and a vice principal claimed that she was attacked by him after a poor evaluation. This administrator along with others harassed teachers and workplace bullying has been common , both for my wife and others in the workplace.
    Teachers stood up and testified and he was found innocent. The young woman who accused him is still out on leave, however, on this Christmas day, in the season of peace, I pray for all of those who are bullied that legislation passes.

  2. Maggie

    The public suffers under many misconceptions regarding education./schools in the United States. Teachers are frequently “bullied” by Administration. Teachers are most often targeted, not because they are “bad” teachers, but because they are at the top of the pay scale. The new Mass. Teachers’ Evaluation sponsored by Change for Children opened the door for even more abusive behavior. Observations by administrators count for 70% of a teacher’s evaluation. Administrators ignore the good and make up the rest.

    • Jill Suskind

      No kidding! and it’s worse than that, because evaluators aren’t even required to observe teachers or have any evidence at all for their assessments. They can say anything they want and site the “evaluator’s judgement” clause.

  3. Ann Tigonne

    Actions speak louder than words.. Keep records. Have a union rep with you Record in counters. Bullism in school districts are mean and harm the health and wellbeing off all Teachers being harassed!

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