The Healthy Workplace Bill creates a legal claim for bullying targets who can establish that they were subjected to malicious, health-harming behavior. It also provides defenses for employers who act preventively and responsively with regard to bullying and includes provisions to discourage frivolous claims.



  1. Thomas

    I would like to leave a comment about a man who was vindicated in MA. Willie Vega was a teacher in the Springfield School system and a vice principal claimed that she was attacked by him after a poor evaluation. This administrator along with others harassed teachers and workplace bullying has been common , both for my wife and others in the workplace.
    Teachers stood up and testified and he was found innocent. The young woman who accused him is still out on leave, however, on this Christmas day, in the season of peace, I pray for all of those who are bullied that legislation passes.

  2. Maggie

    The public suffers under many misconceptions regarding education./schools in the United States. Teachers are frequently “bullied” by Administration. Teachers are most often targeted, not because they are “bad” teachers, but because they are at the top of the pay scale. The new Mass. Teachers’ Evaluation sponsored by Change for Children opened the door for even more abusive behavior. Observations by administrators count for 70% of a teacher’s evaluation. Administrators ignore the good and make up the rest.

    • Jill Suskind

      No kidding! and it’s worse than that, because evaluators aren’t even required to observe teachers or have any evidence at all for their assessments. They can say anything they want and site the “evaluator’s judgement” clause.

  3. Ann Tigonne

    Actions speak louder than words.. Keep records. Have a union rep with you Record in counters. Bullism in school districts are mean and harm the health and wellbeing off all Teachers being harassed!

  4. Karla

    Love this website! I work for the National Workplace Bullying Coalition, and we are currently collecting true stories from people who were bullied at work, and who have successfully overcome the challenges this traumatic experience brings. We are looking for stories that will touch the readers – other targets of workplace bullying – and help them discover tools and principles they can use in their own life. We are looking for stories filled with emotion, vivid images, and a clear path to resolution.

    Please contact me if you – or anyone you know – would like to join our movement and submit a story for our book! karla @ civility partners.com

  5. Sandy

    After a good ten years of “Workplace Trauma” I reigned from my job as a registered nurse Bachelors of Nursing Degree after working after 35 years of service with the largest employer within my province I Canada. My health was far more important. To add I suit to further “psychological injury”two weeks after retiring management reported me to my registrar for “unprofessional conduct” based on “alternative truths”. Investigation STILL o going!! I resigned Sept 11 2013!! It was difficult o st two months I wrote a my story “The Monster In Sandy’sWorkplace” 13 typed pages describing in detail what happened over the 10 years and on going harassment after retirement and how it has impacted my health and livelihood April 2015. Last year I took action advocating for new legislation by sharing my story with Provincial and Federal politicians meeting them I person. I also shared with our Alberta Labour Minister requesting legislation to address this very serious “mental health issue” I sent it early October and got a positive response letter 2 weeks later! November 2016 Bill 208 passes it’s first readiing in Legislature similar to your Bill 1013 !!Mali g it mandatory for all employers in Alberta have policies in place to address workplace bullying and the employer woukd be held ACCOUNTABLE if an employee report’s a “psychological injury”. In the up coming week there will be new changes in Legislature to update our Occupational and Injury Act. I have been encourage g mire nurse to meet up with their Member of Legislative Assembly to get Bill 208. In the mean time I fired my “alleged union lawyer” (Just found out she was not registered with the Law Society). I plan on meeti with the Complaints Director i person to discuss “alternative facts” presented. I have forwarded my story and letter to politicians and their positive responses and I information of Bill 208. I reported the “alleged union lawyer” to the Alberta Law Society with plenty of documentation include g my story as how the union while at work and afterwards misrepresented me!! I also addressed my concerns with the Alberta Labour Board. I refuse to be cohersed I to sign g a Consent Release Form admitting to “unprofessional conduct!” I have not been able to find a job since as I have been black listed!!I

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