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9 brilliant ways to help pass the Healthy Workplace Bill

Make this legislative session our session. Check out these 9 ways to spread the word about the Healthy Workplace Bill:

  1. Write to your legislators. Email your state legislators about the bill using one of our templates or your own words.
  2. Share on social media. Pass it along…. Share an infographic on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.
  3. Sign up for action alerts. Then we’ll tell you when we need your help with urgent legislative action.
  4. Join an action team. Get involved in your county or in a listed event.
  5. Ask for endorsement. Ask a group for its official support.
  6. Pass out fact sheets. Flyer at commuter rail lots, T stations, supermarkets – anywhere you see fit.
  7. Write to your local paper. Write a letter to the editor about the Healthy Workplace Bill and why you support it.
  8. Sign the petition. Help us reach 2,000 signatures.
  9. Share this link to the national campaign with friends in other states. It’s not just a bill proposed in Massachusetts. It’s a national movement.